Making the complex simple

Jean Kedziora - ChefIn an age where more is considered better and bigger is an analogy for best we need to step back and ask ourselves:

The last time you went to a nice restaurant and ordered, did the chef come out and ask you how they should prepare your sauce, how much of each spice you want added, how much you wanted it stirred or how hot to cook it?

No, they just knew how to do it perfectly from experience.  If the customer were to be choosing all the options it’s very unlikely that the sauce would end up being the perfect merging of complex flavors for the best tasting sauce.

I thought this analogy a perfect example of the e-Learning industry.  Many e-Learning platforms give the end user a product that is very complex with many options that just frustrates users. This just doesn’t seem like a good recipe for creating something as important as mobile learning for your employees.

In creating a product, we at Kedzoh believe that the sauce analogy should be applied; we take out all of the complexity and turn it into the perfect solution so that you can focus on what you do best.  At Kedzoh we know that no one wants to go to a restaurant in order to cook their own meal.  Let’s us do the cooking, we make a great sauce!