Mobile learning is the mobile water cooler of today

Water cooler vintageI’ve never been a big fan of the term “Learning Professional”. I much prefer the name teacher. And I believe everyone in a company, community or group needs to teach at least some of the time. You learn by teaching and you lead by teaching.

That’s why Peter F. Drucker said that in order to truly master a subject you needed to teach it. Drucker – was one of the greatest modern thinker on management and taught a class on Japanese poetry. I’m not suggesting you go that far, but teaching – or just plain old showing a colleague how to do something is good for you, the group and the company you work for. You don’t need to be a “Certified Learning Professional”. Heck, if that’s what was required, then we would never have progressed much in our development as human beings.

Once upon a time we learned from our parents – figures of authority. We also learned from our friends at the playground. In the modern corporate world we still learn from managers or authority figures AND we still learn quite a lot from our colleagues around us. That’s what the water cooler is for at companies – not so much about drinking water but socializing. Hey, it’s the watering hole for humans. But what if you don’t have a water cooler? What if you’re like so many workers and mobile all the time?

If you’re mobile you don’t have the water cooler anymore to exchange ideas and ask questions so you need to make sure you have the tools that let’s you ask the questions you need the answers most to and a tool that lets you easily create lessons.

Over time, if everyone asks questions, and everyone answers them, with simple five minute lessons that anyone can take on a mobile phone, then our knowledge will grow. We’ll grow. Our teams will grow,and our companies will grow.

So what are you using as your mobile water cooler? Ask us, at Kedzoh, we make the easiest to use modern day mobile water cooler.